Main Street El Dorado

What MSE can do for you

What is the Main Street Program?

It is a national program designed to restore the downtown area as a viable marketplace and the center of community activity. It is a program that builds on the downtowns total image; therefore, the approach is an incremental one that utilizes four elements:

  • Organization/Membership
  • Design
  • Promotion
  • Economic Restructuring

How is the Main Street Program funded?

Funding comes through our membership drive from local businesses, professionals, property owners, lending institutions, industry, concerned citizens and the City of El Dorado.Some grants are received to further sustain & grow the program.Main Street El Dorado hosts several annual events during the year which is used to showcase the downtown entertainment district as well as to generate revenue for the program. These events are made possible through corporate sponsorships/partnerships.

About Main Street El Dorado

How is the money utilized?

MSE is committed to keeping a vibrant downtown where people live, work and play and all revenue generated isput right back into downtown.In 2007 alone, Main Street EL Dorado completed numerous downtown improvement projects including the purchase and placement of new street lamps, street banners, sidewalk benches and matching ashtray urns. The restoration of the Garett Building on Elm Street was completed in 2007 and is now home to the beautiful Elm Street Bakery and Rascals restaurant.

How long does the Main Street Program last?

This is an ongoing program that is essentially the management of change over time. Main Street produces dramatic short-term improvements, particularly in appearance and promotions, while creating a strong organizational foundation that is critical to long-term revitalization success.

Four Point Approach

  • Design: Involves improving the downtown image by enhancing its physical appearance.
  • Organization: Building consensus and cooperation between groups that play roles in the downtown.
  • Promotion: Involves marketing the downtowns unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists and others.
  • Economic Restructuring: Strengthening the existing economic base of the downtown while diversifying it. Helping existing downtown businesses expand, recruiting new businesses to provide a balanced mix, converting unused space into productive property and sharpening the competitiveness of downtown merchants.